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visual_graffiti's Journal

13 October
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I started out this journal to keep a blog of the modelling work I do and to extend my contacts in the area..

I've been unfortunate in so much that I've managed to either befriend or date the better part of the amount of losers in this world, and so this journal has now moved into a state of friends only to avoid the aformentioned people.

The way this journal works:

Friend's Posts: All images from recent shoots and updates in my modelling and photography work, photowhores welcome, just comment and mention why you would like to be added. I have no problem with strangers or voyeurs- this diary is friends only to keep the people I know out (bizaar, I know).

Filtered Friends Posts: Those geared to certain people, either trusted friends, or anything that could even possibly be mis interpreted and used for any negative or incriminating purposes.