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Friday, July 3rd, 2009

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Subject:Find Me.
Time:1:35 pm.
Okay, so I rarely am on LJ, and every now and then I think I should let everyone here know what I'm doing and how to find me.

I'm on Flickr:
www.flickr.com/divinaimages is my photography and what not
www.flickr.com/divinadenuevo is my jewellery, sewing, and other spiffy creations

I'm on twitter:

I'm Blogging (though irregularly):

I'm making stuff to sell:

I've taken down www.visual-graffiti.com
Not so much taken it down, as not bothered to renew the domain. I haven't modelled in ages, and I don't think that's going to change. I do love making creative photos, and will when I get the chance. But the stress of trying to make money off of it and coordinate shoots while also trying not to feel too fat/too short/too brunette/too whatever just isn't worth the effort in my opinion. I'm happier taking self portraits I guess.

I've updated my LJ email, so that if anyone leaves me comments here, I'll actually get them, and be able to reply. So there you have it - the many ways you can find me.

Hope you're all doing absolutely fabulous, and thanks for always being such a great support when I needed it.



Thursday, May 26th, 2005

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Subject:From now onwards
Time:2:35 pm.

Friends Only

Starting afresh, everyone please comment to be added unless you're already on my friend's list- It is unlikely I'll deny you, as I'm not trying to keep strangers out, rather, I'm trying to keep people who I have the misfortune of knowing from getting in. I would appreciate if you included in your comment why you'd like me to add you.. either that or tell me a secret :P
Please be aware that my adding you doesnt mean I'll comment on your entries: I tend to only comment on the entries of people I know in person. Being friended means you'll have access to the images posted on this journal (as well as general life updates). You will be deleted if you do not add me back- I see little point in clogging my friends list with people who have requested to read my journal but then dont.

The friend's posts will contain what the public posts used to, all new images from photoshoots, and updates regarding my work.
The filtered friend's posts will contain what the old friend's posts used to have: anything that could be mis interepretted and used negatively.

It is not my intention to control who reads this journal, I have no problem with strangers and people with voyeuristic tendencies- but due to my poor character judgement abilities, I have the misfortune of having had relationships with people of a seriously low calibre of humankind, and the privacy enforced from now on is directed solely and exclusively towards them (congratulations, be proud.)


note: I rarely update this journal nowadays, as I dont model as much as I used to.. it's here more as an archive.

My selling journal: visualg_sales
My handbag website: Divina//Denuevo

LiveJournal for visual_graffiti.

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View:Website (Visual Graffiti).
You're looking at the latest 2 entries.